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Investing in real estate overseas can present many challenges. Different rules and regulations, as well as language and cultural barriers need to be considered in order to avoid costly errors, whilst local knowledge and skill need are needed in order to maximize the return on investment.

By utilizing both our international experience as well as in-depth local knowledge, we guide our clients to the best and most suitable real estate investments in Israel, helping them avoid potential mistakes along the way, by following our structured approach:

“My overseas clients were looking to invest in something very specific in a certain neighbourhood in Tel Aviv. IAL Real Estate took the time and effort to find everything that was available that fit the criteria. In the end, my clients bought the apartment without even seeing it!”

N.M. - Real Estate Attorney

Tel Aviv

As opposed to buying a home, investment in real estate in Israel has additional factors to consider. Things such as maximising yield and future potential returns are not necessarily at the top of the homebuyers mind, whereas they are for the investor.

Finding the best investment property often involves thinking outside of the box, and looking at areas or types of assets that one wouldn’t automatically think of. One also needs to be well tapped in to local real estate markets, developers and brokers in order to search out the very best of what is on offer.

Our deep widespread connections, as well as being acutely aware of the expectations and culture of non-Israeli investors, and the many issues that can arise when investing in the Israeli market, means that our clients turn to us time and time again to guide and advise them when making a real estate investment in Israel.

We will also get you exposed to off-market properties, new projects and excellent investment opportunities

Synthesizing our expertise in both real estate and investment, our clients benefit from both worlds – access to exciting investment opportunities, and a real estate investment in Israel that matches your requirements and level of risk.

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Let us guide you to the right Real Estate investment in Israel

  1. Planning Your Budget

  2. Finding Your Property

  3. Obtaining Your Optimal Loan

  4. Rennovations and Upgrades

  5. Earning You Income

  6. Managing Your Property

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