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With so many developments and new projects in Israel to choose from, it is a big challenge to be able to hone in and identify the right one for you. With access to new developments all over the country, we will provide you with the information that you need, and guide you through the entire purchasing process - from start to finish.


“IAL Real Estate were able to talk to me about projects all over the country, from North to South, and so much in between. It was actually quite freaky!”

James L

New York

For many buyers, both foreign and local, buying in a new project from a developer has several attractions. First, usually the earlier you buy before the home is ready the lower the price, giving you more for your money. Also, there is always the lure of receiving a brand new previously untouched home.

Of course there are many things that need to be taken in to account when buying from a developer, as all that glitters is not always gold, and there can be many pitfalls that need to be avoided.

We have access to new projects all over Israel, and will help you to both find the project that best suits your needs and goals, as well as acting as your guide and adviser along the way.

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