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Our methodical system adds a little science to the emotional process, allowing you to make optimal decisions when buying property in Israel. Following a few simple steps, we get you to your ideal home or investment as quickly, efficiently and hassle-free as possible:



Making sure you know exactly what you can afford to pay.



Sifting through the options to get you to the most suitable properties.



Getting you the best rates and the optimal loan structure

A Few Simple Steps and You Are Home

Whilst the decision to buy property in Israel will often come from the heart, the best decisions need to have at least a little help from the head.

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Connecting you with suitable architects, planners and professionals.



Finding you suitable tenants and getting the maximum rental income from your property.



Making sure your home is being looked after whilst you are away or being rented out.

1.Planning You Budget

  • Finalising where you want to live

  • Deciding on ideal and essential features of your home

  • In-depth calculation of your budget and purchasing power

  • Breakdown of total costs of purchase

  • Calculating optimal size of down payment

  • Calculating financing costs and feasibility

In addition, for Investment Properties:

  • Ascertaining investment aims (e.g. capital growth, income, diversification, etc)

  • Suggestion of appropriate property to purchase, including type of property and location

  • Projection of cash flow from property

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3.Obtaining Your Optimal Loan

  • Obtaining pre-approval from banks

  • Construction of optimal loan structure

  • Negotiating with various banks to get the lowest interest rates

  • Dealing with all bank paperwork and bureaucracy

  • Full support until successful drawdown of the loan

2.Locating Your Property

  • Extensive search of suitable properties in your chosen area

  • Analysis of pros and cons of potential relevant properties

  • Negotiating the best price\conditions with the seller

  • Provision of expert real estate attorney if necessary

  • Full cooperation with attorney until the successful completion of the transaction

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4.Renovating and Upgrading

  • Pairing with architects, builders and decorators

  • Obtaining quotes for work

  • Connection with project managers to oversee work

  • Connection with providers of appliances and furniture

  • Connection of utilities

5.Generating Income

  • Finding suitable tenants via advertising

  • Showing property to potential tenants

  • Discussion on long-term tenants versus short-term rentals

  • Introduction to expert attorneys to prepare rental contract

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6.Property Management (Through our affiliate)

  • Dealing with upkeep of the property

  • Using trusted profesionals

  • Dealing with tenant requests and issues that arise

  • Facilitation of rental payments

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Please note that additional costs may be incurred when dealing with third parties and rentals

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