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Not budgeting properly, not having in-depth access to the local market and having to deal with the banks and contractors are just some of the reasons that people often get left with a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to buying homes or holiday homes in Israel. 

We turn sour to sweet, by taking our clients hand-in-hand with our simple method, allowing you to buy the right home in Israel at the right price, with confidence and ease.

  1. Planning Your Budget

  2. Finding Your Property

  3. Obtaining Your Optimal Loan

  4. Rennovations and Upgrades

  5. Earning You Income

  6. Managing Your Property

 “We had very specific requirements for our home, meaning that it took far longer than usual to find what we were looking for. IAL Real Estate didn’t give up, and through patience, diligence and having their ears to the ground, we ended up having an amazing buying experience. We would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home in Israel”

David R

New Jersey

There are many things that must be taken in to account when buying homes in Israel to live in or for vacation, over and above the actual property itself. Firstly, buyers from different countries have different tastes and expectations. Furthermore, even when you know what city or town to live or vacation in, and even when you know which is your ideal neighborhood, there are still plenty of factors to take in to account, such as proximity of stores, public transport, schools, synagogues, etc.

Without local knowledge and the ability and time to conduct proper research due to geographical distance and language barriers, many problems may arise, often too late, and it is essential to have someone on the ground who can provide you with this insight and information.

Our clients rely on us to be their eyes and ears, and we advise and accompany them from the beginning of their search, until they are the proud owners of their new home in Israel.

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Everyone dreams about their home in Israel.

Its realizing that dream that is the hard part. Until now...

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