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As a client of IAL Real Estate, you are not only getting the benefit of a tailor-made real estate service provider that speaks your language and can expertly guide you step by step all the way to your ideal property in Israel, you are getting so much more.

  • Planning Your Budget

  • Finding Your Property

  • Obtaining Your Optimal Loan

  • Rennovations and Upgrades

  • Earning You Income

  • Managing Your Property

  • Interacting with Israeli banks

  • Transferring and converting funds from overseas

  • Property Insurance

  • Connections to top real estate attorneys

  • Advice on efficient ownership structure

Furthermore, with our extensive knowledge and experience in the Israeli financial world, you have the benefit of our top-down view, meaning that we will advise and assist you on all of the many side-aspects surrounding buying real estate in Israel, including:

We are thus able to provide our clients with a truly all-in-one Israeli Real Estate service.

We look forward to welcoming you as a client!

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A True All-in-One Solution

Firstly, you are getting the benefit of our structured buying method, allowing you to buy and invest with confidence:

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